Charger Operator

Tend charging mechanisms that move steel shapes in a specific sequence.

What does a Charger Operator do?

Tends charging mechanism that moves steel shapes, such as blooms, billets, and slabs, in specified sequence, through soaking-pit furnace: Signals CHARGER-OPERATOR HELPER 504.686-010 or OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to position steel on furnace skids. Moves levers on control panel to position skid on entry bed, open furnace door, and start pusher arm that pushes steel into furnace. Observes inside of furnace, projected on television screen, and moves controls to spot steel in specified locations. Moves controls to discharge steel onto mill rollers. Records quantity of steel charged and discharged. Assists other workers in cleaning furnace bottoms and repairing or replacing defective equipment, using handtools.