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Charge Preparation Technician

Prepare ampoules containing charge to grow gallium arsenide crystal ingots.

What does a Charge Preparation Technician do?

Prepares ampoule containing charge to grow gallium arsenide crystal ingot in crystal growing furnace: Cleans ampoules, plugs, and boats, using etch tanks and sandblasting equipment. Operates saw to cut remelt into sections of specified size. Immerses remelt into etch tank to remove contaminants, and dries remelt in oven. Measures and weighs specified amounts of crystal growing material, such as seed, seed powder, remelt, and dopant, and loads material into boat and ampoule, following prescribed procedure. Attaches ampoule to diffusion pump to remove air from ampoule, and seals ampoule, using blowtorch. Transports sealed ampoule to holding rack in furnace room for further processing by CRYSTAL GROWER 590.382-014. Records production information.