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Character Concept Artist



Flesh out the characters of animated films or video games.

What does a Character Concept Artist do?

As a Character Concept Artist, you breathe life into video game and other animated characters. Working with a comprehensive creative team, you bring ideas from imagination to reality. While many games and animated films now use advanced 3D modeling, every character starts off as a simple sketch.

First, you hone your vision of the character with the help of input from your teammates and Managers. Next, you work with the animation team to make sure that every instance of the character is consistent and looks great.

Expect long days and late nights going over footage. You have to be a good communicator to make your wants and needs understood when dealing with other members of the creative staff. It can be a long and challenging process, but a good-looking video game or film is worth the effort.

Work environments for Character Concept Artists vary. Advances in computer modeling technology have made it possible to set up a full video game or animation studio in a garage or small office. Other Character Concept Artists work for major production houses like Pixar or EA Games. The types of projects you want to be involved in will determine your workplace, but only your imagination will determine how far you can go in this field.

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