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Char Conveyor Tender

Tend conveyor-belt systems to distribute wet chars from and to the filters.

What does a Char Conveyor Tender do?

Tends conveyor-belt system to distribute wet char from filters to drying hoppers and dried char from driers or bins to filters: Starts conveyor system under filter being emptied, and positions gate on belt over designated hopper to divert char from belt into hopper. Rakes char from one hopper to another to keep hoppers full. Starts shaker machine that distributes dried char from hopper or bins onto conveyor for transmission to filters. Inspects and cleans drier screens and pots. Sweeps and weighs char dust from dust-cooler room. May be designated according to condition of char as Wet-Char Conveyor Tender; or location of job as Char Conveyor Tender, Cellar.