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Chamber of Commerce Division Manager

Direct and administer activities of the Department of Chamber of Commerce.

What does a Chamber of Commerce Division Manager do?

Directs and administers activities of department of chamber of commerce, such as domestic trade, construction industries, or aviation and space departments: Analyzes market trends and economic conditions to forecast potential sales of products or services in area. Assists business and industrial organizations on such problems as expansions, cost reductions, and community development. Advises business organizations and industrial groups on tax problems and legislation. Studies agricultural economy for exploitation of rural resources, production and marketing of farm products, improving farm income, and effecting favorable agricultural legislation. Suggests civic improvements, such as community zoning, planning, public housing programs, and airport expansions, based on surveys of community needs. Plans and directs educational campaigns to promote public support of such community programs as housing, transportation, and hospital facilities. Stimulates civic and economic growth of community by writing and giving speeches to promote tourist travel, to solicit convention business, and to induce labor and industry to immigrate into area. May represent chamber at public, social and business receptions, or before governmental agencies. May be designated according to field of specialization or department managed as Manager, Aviation And Space; Manager, Construction Industries; Manager, Domestic Trade.