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CG Coordinator

Organize tasks and schedules for a team of Animators.

What does a CG Coordinator do?

When they were first introduced, animated movies were pretty choppy and fairly basic. Today, thanks to companies like Pixar, animated movies look just as good as real life, only with brighter colors and talking animals. CG Coordinators work on movie or television sets, overseeing the creation of any computer-generated art to make sure it’s not only well done but also finished on time.

Animated creations start with a script or storyboard created by a Screenwriter. This script then gets passed on to the CG department, where the CG Coordinators and other Animation Artists or CG Artists get to work making the images come to life. You can think of the role of a CG Coordinator as a combination of Artist and Project Manager. Like an Artist, you spend your days concerned with shading and color choices, but instead of using paint or pencil, your medium is a computer.

The Project Manager part of your job comes in as you oversee the other Animation or CG Artists in your department. You’re in charge of laying out the timeframe to make sure all work gets done on time. To do this, you connect routinely with the Visual Effects Producer in order to make the initial deadlines, and then you keep up on any changes that need to be made.

You’re also in charge of keeping an eye on the level of work that your Animators are doing, making sure it’s quality work and consistent with the overall vision of the movie. As the CG Coordinator, you’re the one who hands out assignments to your Animators, hiring new employees or freelance designers as needed.