Certified Master Safecracker

Skillfully open safes at businesses or homes.

What does a Certified Master Safecracker do?

The title of Certified Master Safecracker evokes images of men dressed in black, with a satchel of small tools, gloves, and a facemask. In contrast to the Hollywoodized bank robber, however, a Certified Master Safecracker is someone who has undergone extensive training and gained practical experience in the field of opening safes-the legal way.

Through your prior experience as a Registered Safe Technician and/or Certified Journeyman Safecracker, you’ve learned the tools and tricks of the trade. The tools include drills, saws, and scopes, specialized for the job. Your goal is to keep the safe intact and in functioning order for the owner, so you handle it with care.

Your work order usually doesn’t have a bank address at the top. When you’re a Certified Master Safecracker, most of your customers are everyday homeowners, Small Business Owners, and bargain hunters who find themselves locked out of their own safe.

Typically, the owner has lost the code, whether he misplaced it, forgot it, or obtained a safe that didn’t originally belong to him. For example, he may have bought one through an auction or estate sale, or inherited Uncle Tommy’s antique fishing lures, locked away in his safe. Regardless of the circumstances, the customer might come to you or you might travel to him. Then you whip out your tools, perform your Magician ‘s act, and leave your customer with a smile.