Ceramics Machine Operator

Tend a variety of machines to process green technical ceramic pieces.

What does a Ceramics Machine Operator do?

Tends preset automatic, semiautomatic, and manually operated machines to drill, mill, grind, saw, top, head, cut, thread, turn, or groove green technical ceramic pieces for electronic, mechanical, industrial, and other uses: Places pieces on feeder of machines that are preset and automatic. Places pieces in jig or chuck and starts semiautomatic machine. Positions pieces in front of bit or tap, moves piece around for boring, drilling, or tapping operations, and removes piece when machining manually. Inspects piece for defects, such as cracks and chips. Gauges piece on snap gauge or go-not-go gauge and discards defective pieces. Cleans pieces, using airhose and rotating brush. Stacks pieces on tray or handtruck and trucks lot to storage shelves. Records number of machined pieces for production purposes.