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Ceramic Restorer

Make broken ceramics look as good as new.

What does a Ceramic Restorer do?

Gravity keeps your table and chairs firmly on the ground, but it can also pull an expensive piece of ceramic out of someone’s hands and onto the floor, shattering it into a thousand small pieces. When this happens, a Ceramic Restorer steps in to repair the damage.

The cost of a Ceramic Restorer’s services can vary dramatically depending on the amount of damage that needs repairing and the age of the item. Some repairs can make the item look better, but they can reduce its value in the eyes of collectors. So, if you’re a Ceramic Restorer, you provide the owner with an estimate of the cost and the effect your work will have on the value of the item before you make any repairs.

Cleaning the item thoroughly helps you see the damage more clearly, so you immerse it in a solution, wipe it with a damp cloth, or use soft brushes to scrape away grime. If pieces come off, you attach them with epoxy and use paint to cover the seams. If the broken pieces are missing, you make replacement pieces out of clay, and attach them to the item with wire or adhesive.

Very fancy ceramic items may require fancy restoration techniques. Keeping paints, gold leaf, and glitter on hand can help you prepare for any emergency.

Once your work is done, you advise the owner on how to care for the item so your work won’t be required in the future. Asking people to use both hands when carrying valuable objects may be a good place to start.