Centrifugal Spinner

Coat concrete pipes in metal molds.

What does a Centrifugal Spinner do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to coat concrete pipe in metal molds: Slides prepared wire mesh cage into mold and secures cage with short lengths of wire. Places cotton rope gasket between flanges along length of split mold. Bolts mold halves together and fastens bell ring and guide wheels into place, using hand and power wrenches. Signals operator of hoist or industrial truck to transfer mold onto wheels of spinning machine. Starts spinning machine and adjusts controls of filling machine to feed wet concrete into spinning mold, to specified level. Increases speed of rotating mold for specified length of time to set concrete. Pushes pole and brush against inside of spinning pipe to finish surface. Signals worker to move mold to curing area or uses chain hoist. Covers mold with plastic tarpaulin and turns on steam to cure concrete. Removes, cleans, and oils mold when concrete is cured, using hand and power wrenches and brushes. May adjust filling machine to accommodate size of pipe, using handtools.