Centrifugal Operator

Operate machines to wash molasses and mother liquor from sugar crystals.

What does a Centrifugal Operator do?

Operates centrifugal machines to separate and wash molasses and mother liquor from sugar crystals: Opens gate allowing sugar mass to flow into centrifuge basket. Starts centrifuge that automatically passes through cycles of spinning off mother liquor, washing off molasses, and spinning off washwater. Lifts plate covering bottom of basket, positions cutting arm over sugar and starts machine to cut sugar crystals from inside basket. Washes centrifuge, using hose. May be designated by type of sugar processed as Soft-Sugar Cutter; White-Sugar Centrifugal Operator; or purpose of operation as Cubelet-Centrifugal Operator; Low-Raw-Sugar Cutter; Melt-House Centrifugal Operator; Remelt-Centrifugal Operator; Remelt-Sugar Cutter.