Centrifugal Casting Machine Tender

Tend centrifugal casting machines that cast plastic cylinders.

What does a Centrifugal Casting Machine Tender do?

Tends centrifugal casting machine that casts plastic cylinders used in fabrication of button blanks: Mixes resins and chemicals to form liquid plastic, following formula. Sets timing device which stops machine automatically, and presses button to start centrifugal casting machine. Pours liquid plastic into rotating drum of machine that spreads, hardens, and shapes mixture into cylindrical layer of uniform thickness on wall of drum. Slits cylinder in straight line along length, at end of cycle, using razor, and peels and removes sheet from drum wall. Uncurls and spreads sheet on table and dusts sheet with powder, using mitt, to dry surface. May pour plastic mixture of different color onto semihardened first layer. May tend machine that cuts button blanks from sheet.