Centrifugal-Casting-Machine Operator II

Tend one station on indexing-type centrifugal casting machine.

What does a Centrifugal-Casting-Machine Operator II do?

Tends one station on indexing-type centrifugal casting machine, performing any combination of following tasks involved in casting metal: Removes dirt and metal fragments from mold, using brush, water, or airhose. Fastens cover on end of mold. Starts mold rotating, and sprays insulation on inside surface of mold. Pours specified amount of metal into mold, using hand or crane ladle. Moves levers on tilting furnace to control flow of metal into pouring ladle. Removes cover on end of mold, and pulls casting from mold, using tongs. May be designated according to task performed as Dumper, Mold Cleaner; Puller; Sprayer.