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Centrifugal-Casting-Machine Operator I

Tend centrifugal casting machines that cast tubular metal products.

What does a Centrifugal-Casting-Machine Operator I do?

Tends centrifugal casting machine that casts tubular metal products, such as pipes, brakedrums, or bushings: Lays specified mold on spinning mechanism. Brushes dirt and metal fragments from inside of mold. Places and fastens cover on ends of mold. Preheats mold with torch. Starts machine and sprays insulation on inside surface of rotating mold. Pours molten metal into mold, using hand ladle. Allows mold to spin for specified time to solidify metal against mold walls. Unfastens mold cover and removes casting, using tongs or hydraulic ram. May set machine controls to rotate mold at specified speed.