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Central Supply Supervisor

Manage activities of staff engaged in furnishing supplies and equipment.

What does a Central Supply Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in medical central supply room engaged in furnishing sterile and nonsterile supplies and equipment for use in care and treatment of patients: Directs activities of workers engaged in cleaning, assembling, and packing of linens, gowns, dressings, gloves, treatment trays, instruments, and related items; preparation of solutions; arrangement of stock; and requisitioning, issuing, controlling, and charging of supplies and equipment. Instructs personnel in use of sterilizing equipment and water distillation apparatus, setting up standardized treatment trays, and maintaining equipment of central supply room. Establishes standards of work performance and methods of operation for department. Inspects work activities to ensure workers are following prescribed procedures to meet hospital standards. Ensures that aseptic techniques are employed by personnel in preparing and handling sterile items. Inspects daily inventory, maintains records of supply usage, and compiles periodic reports.