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Central Office Repairer

Test, analyze defects, and repair telephone circuits and equipment.

What does a Central Office Repairer do?

Tests, analyzes defects, and repairs telephone circuits and equipment in central office of telephone company, using test meters and handtools: Locates electrical, electronic, and mechanical failures in telephone switching equipment, using milliammeter boxes, schematic drawings, computer printouts, or trouble tickets. Installs, repairs, and adjusts equipment, such as switches, relays, and amplifiers, using handtools. Removes connections on wire distributing frames and solders or splices wires to terminal lugs, following diagrams [FRAME WIRER]. May maintain telephone switching equipment at private establishments, such as hotels and office buildings [PRIVATE-BRANCH-EXCHANGE REPAIRER]. May diagnose, isolate, and clear electrical faults in circuit [TROUBLE LOCATOR, TEST DESK]. When servicing equipment for intercommunity telephone lines, may be designated Toll Repairer, Central Office.