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Cemetery Warden

Prepare burial plots for funerals and keep the cemetery neat.

What does a Cemetery Warden do?

Cemetery Wardens look after the grounds of a cemetery, preparing them for funerals and cleaning up afterwards. When there aren’t any burials scheduled, Cemetery Wardens spend their time looking after the lawn by mowing and weeding it, keeping it watered, and preventing grass disease and pests. They also remove wilted bouquets of flowers from graves, and keep the markers clean and free of debris.

Before a burial, your primary concern as Cemetery Warden is readying the plot. That means you find the correct grave, mark out the boundaries, and then excavate the soil. You might operate heavy machinery, like a backhoe, or you might simply use a pick and shovel to dig the grave. You also move the dirt to another location, out of the mourners’ sight.

Finally, you set up chairs around the burial site, as well as a tent if necessary. After the funeral service, you direct the placement of the casket over the grave, and set up the mechanical equipment that lowers it into the grave.

After the burial, you remove the tent, chairs, and lowering equipment; fill the grave with dirt; and lay grass on top of the site. You finish by cleaning up the area. Days, weeks, or even months later, you may be asked to install the headstone, which you carefully place at the correct grave and align with the others. On a regular basis, you check to make sure that the headstones are not broken or vandalized, and that the cemetery is always ready for visitors.