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Cemetery Manager

Oversee cemetery maintenance.

What does a Cemetery Manager do?

When people arrive at a cemetery, they expect to see close-cropped grass, tidy rows of markers, and well-maintained monuments. This sort of organization doesn’t happen without a significant amount of planning and work. A Cemetery Manager has to create those plans, and supervise a team of workers to carry them out.

Maintaining accurate records is of prime importance for a Cemetery Manager. Clients want assurance that their loved ones will be buried in the proper place, and that the graves will be easy to find for future visits. So you – the Cemetery Manager – maintain a rigorous database that lists where people are buried.

Much of your work is done in conjunction with Funeral Directors. They provide you with names, funeral dates, and billing information, and with this data in hand, you find a burial plot and schedule a crew to dig the grave and assist during the funeral. Sometimes, you direct traffic on the day of the funeral. At the end of the process, you bill the family for the plot.

Formal headstones can take weeks to create. When they’re complete, you make sure they’re installed over the proper grave. Often, you check and double-check the location so you can avoid embarrassing labeling problems.

A large crew of Groundskeepers helps you maintain the cemetery. Each day, you stroll the grounds to supervise the work. Sometimes, you hire new people to add to the crew.

Some people like to control their own burials, and they visit you to choose plots and pay for them in advance. In these meetings, you take the clients on a stroll of the grounds, and you point out available plots. No hangman jokes are allowed in these meetings.