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Cement Chemist

Create the perfect concrete mix.

What does a Cement Chemist do?

Have you ever taken the time to consider what an amazing product cement is? Look around your yard at the slab on the patio, the huge chunk encasing the fence posts, and the paver stones leading out to the garden.

None of these products would be doing their job if the Cement Chemists didn’t do theirs. Cement Chemists get to spend their days breaking down and building up the components of cement. This might seem as easy as mixing sand and water in the sandbox, but it’s actually a very scientific process-at least if you want an end product that’s stable, strong, and consistent.

In fact, creating consistency is possibly the largest part of your job as Cement Chemist. Visualize a rock quarry. One end has a constant supply of water runoff, the other has pools of mud. The materials at one end of the quarry will have a significantly different chemical makeup from those at the other, hence affecting the finished cement product.

What does that mean to you? That means you don your lab coat and run tests on a variety of samples. When you find the strongest, most reliable combination, you record the results and work to make each successive batch with the same combination.

You continue to test new and existing samples in order to measure changes under different heat, pressure, traffic, or weather conditions. Thanks to you, the concrete in the yard adheres well, has just the right texture, and will wear evenly over the years.