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Cement Boat and Barge Loader

Tend pipeline systems that convey dry cements from silos to barges.

What does a Cement Boat and Barge Loader do?

Tends pipeline system that conveys dry cement from storage silos to ships and barges at cement plant loading dock: Screws flexible hose to dock pipeline and inserts and secures hose to loading port of ship or barge. Ties lines to hose to support hose during loading operation. Turns handwheels to open or close valves and route cement from designated silos through pumps and to vessel, according to loading orders. Signals SILO TENDER to start and stop pumps. Monitors movement of cement through pipelines and tightens couplings or repairs loose connections, using handtools. Observes movement of tide, vessel, and hose hookup in relation to pier, and adjusts ship mooring and hose support lines to ensure continuous and safe operation. Observes cargo hold of vessel to determine completion of loading. Disassembles ship-to-shore hookup, and cleans pipes, hoses, and fittings.