Cement Based Materials Pump Tender

Tend machines that pump concretes or dry mixtures of sands and cements.

What does a Cement Based Materials Pump Tender do?

Tends one or more machines that pump concrete, grout, or dry mixtures of sand and cement through hoses to fill forms and crevices or to coat surfaces: Positions hose or temporary pipeline and snaps couplings together. Shovels materials into hopper, moves lever to discharge materials from skip into hopper, or signals CONCRETE-MIXING-TRUCK DRIVER to fill hopper with concrete. Moves controls to start and operate mixer. Starts pump or compressor and turns valves to regulate air pressure and flow of materials through hose. May aim hose nozzle into space to be filled or at surface to be coated. May lubricate and repair machinery. May be designated according to type of machine tended as Cement-Gun Operator; Concrete-Gun Operator; Concrete-Pump Operator; Grout-Pump Operator.