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Cell Tender Helper

Tend electrolytic cells under the direction of a Cell Tender.

What does a Cell Tender Helper do?

Tends electrolytic cells to produce chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen, performing any combination of following tasks under direction of CELL TENDER: Pulls and positions current jumpers, connects jumper arms on circuits, and throws switches to cut cells out of service. Disconnects brine, gas, and hydrogen lines, using wrenches, to prepare cells for changing; and assists CELL CHANGER in positioning cathodes and cell assemblies in place. Reconnects lines and flips switches to return cells to operation. Opens valves to flush lines, adjust and maintain brine flows and levels, and switch flow from brine tanks to bypasses. Draws sample of cell liquor and tests sample for caustic strength, using standard test equipment and chart. Cleans brine lines, using brushes and steam hose; and removes and dips sight glasses, nipples, bushings, elbows, tube assemblies, and rubber tubing in acid, solvent, or water bath to clean them. Examines chlorine lines for cracks, and cleans out orifices and vents. Changes chart recorders.