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Cell Maker

Cast concrete sections of electrolytic cells and assemble iron molds.

What does a Cell Maker do?

Casts concrete sections of electrolytic cells, such as tops, bottoms, collars, brine traps, and partitions, using handtools and power tools, hoist, and concrete mixer: Assembles iron molds, using hoist, and bolts sections together, using handtools. Washes and scrapes molds to remove dirt, using water hose and hand scraper, and brushes surface of molds with grease, oil, or tallow, to facilitate removal of molds from concrete. Shovels specified amounts of cement, rock, sand, insulating material, and water into concrete mixer, and starts machine to mix concrete to specified consistency. Shovels or dumps concrete into mold and tamps concrete, using power vibrator. Inserts reinforcing steel members in concrete. Tests hardness of concrete by touch, and removes molds, using wrenches and hoist. Finishes surface of section, using trowel or portable grinder, and transfers section to curing tank for water or tar immersion, using hoist. May install electrical connections, and weld or solder connections in place. May inventory and requisition supplies. May cast concrete rings for mercury cells, impregnating them in bath of molten tar, and tending steam chamber to dry coated rings and be designated Ring Maker. May cast concrete cell covers and fabricate cover parts, such as anode pins, using power tools and handpress, and be designated Cover Maker.