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Celebrity Manager



Make business decisions to maintain your celebrity clients' star status.

What does a Celebrity Manager do?

Celebrity Managers do it all: They act as Agent, Publicists, and Contract Negotiator for their clients, while at the same time serving as a shoulder to cry on and a fountain of advice. This requires a Celebrity Manager to wear many hats, as his or her responsibilities and duties can vary widely from day to day.

What’s an average day like?

Life as a Celebrity Manager is never the same from day to day. Whether your client is a Musician, Actor or Model, you collaborate with their Agent and Promoter to ensure they are finding the best jobs available.

In fact, you pretty much manage their life: You outline their long-term career goals, create their day-to-day schedules, and step in if the they have a problem with another member of the entourage, say, for example, firing an Agent and finding a new one. Although you won’t be the only one making the star’s business decisions, you’re the one with the final say, so things like contracts or Stylist hirings must all get the OK from you.

Your job isn’t just business and many Managers are very close to their clients-some stars even enlist their parents to be their Managers. In fact, thinking of yourself as a parent can describe some of your duties. You hold the dubious honor of helping your clients with both the business and social aspects of their lives, like ending relationships or solving drugs issues, and generally serve as support for them during both good and bad times.

Why does this job matter?

You need lots patience for this job as some celebrities earn their diva titles. (Plus, the world of Hollywood can be a crazy place, turning even normal people into demanding messes!) But at the end of the day, you’re in charge of making your clients as successful as possible.

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