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Tend machines that mix ground scrap rubber.

What does a CD-Mixer do?

Tends machine that mixes ground scrap rubber with pigments, caustics, and oils to prepare rubber for devulcanization: Pulls slide on gravity chute or shovels ground scrap rubber into weigh hopper. Pulls lever to dump scrap rubber from weigh hopper into mixer. Measures and weighs pigments, caustics, and oils according to formula, and dumps or drains them into mixer. Starts machine that mixes materials for specified time. Pulls lever to release mixture from machine into pans. Lifts pans onto heater cars by hand or with hoist. Signals worker to move pans of mixed stock into heaters. May tend cracker mill that grinds scrap rubber into particles [GRINDER]. May unload heaters and dump devulcanized scrap rubber from pans. May line pans with waxed paper or sprinkle with pulverized soapstone to prevent rubber from sticking.

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