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Cavity Pump Operator

Operate pumps to extract fluids into or from electrical component cavities.

What does a Cavity Pump Operator do?

Operates pump to inject or extract fluids into or from electrical component cavities to improve component electrical characteristics: Mounts electrical components, such as switches or transformers in holding device. Turns controls or pushes buttons to activate equipment such as welders, cooling systems, heater coils, ammeters, or vacuum and injection pumps. Inserts coupling device into component, reads pressure gauge and turns pump controls to extract or inject fluids such as air, oil, or inert gases at specified pressures and turns off pump. Heats component casing while extracting coupler to seal component, using heating devices such as coil, oven or welder. May connect testing device such as coil or ammeter to component leads and compare reading with specifications, or immerse unit in liquids to determine if unit leaks.