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Control equipment to process green liquors and limes into caustic liquors.

What does a Causticiser do?

Controls equipment to process green liquor and lime into caustic liquor used in cooking woodpulp: Starts pumps and adjusts valves to control flow of water and lime into tank or revolving drum and over screens to remove lumps to make lime slurry of specified density. Adjusts valves to control flow of lime slurry and green liquor into reaction tanks in specified proportions and opens steam valve to heat reaction tank to specified temperature to make caustic cooking liquor. Adjusts controls to pump cooking liquor to settling tank and makes titration tests to determine extent of settling of lime sludge. Turns valves to pump clear liquor to storage tank and lime sludge to sludge tank. May test green liquor and calculate quantity of lime slurry additive. May make titration test to determine concentration of cooking liquor.