Cattery Owner

Provide board and lodging to cats.

What does a Cattery Owner do?

A cattery is a lot like a B&B or a boarding house. But instead of serving scones and providing floral comforters for human guests, it takes in cats. There are two main types of catteries: those that house cats whose owners temporarily can’t care for them (due to illness or vacation), and those that are engaged in cat breeding.

Though the idea of making scones for cats is far-fetched, one of the jobs of a Cattery Owner is to feed these furry guests. Throughout the day, Cattery Owners prepare food and bring it to them at mealtimes. As Cattery Owner, you also administer medicines, groom them, and clean their cages. When a boarder leaves, you deep clean and disinfect the room they stayed in, and start the process of finding a new cat.

The term “room” might sound weird when applied to cats, but cattery rooms are really more than just cages. They tend to be two-story, fenced-in areas that give the animals space to sleep and play. You can include a variety of toys, climbing structures, and bedding options—anything that will make your feline guests feel welcome, and ease the transition into their temporary home.

Although a big part of this job revolves around cats, you still need some incredible people skills. You have to inspire confidence and trust in your clients, and reassure them that you’ll keep their pets safe and healthy. Most catteries are small businesses so you need to be able to work within a budget, create a marketing plan, maintain the buildings, and make a business plan for your future.