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Cathode Maker

Tend tanks and related equipment that coat cathode screens with asbestos.

What does a Cathode Maker do?

Tends tanks and related equipment that coats cathode screens with asbestos for use in electrolytic cells: Opens valve to fill cathode tank with caustic liquor. Weighs out prescribed quantity of asbestos and dumps it into tank. Starts air compressor and opens valve to force asbestos and cell liquor to mixing tank and return it to cathode tank after agitation for specified time. Draws sample of resulting slurry and determines specific gravity, using hydrometer. Positions cathode screen over cathode tank, using crane. Connects vacuum hose to cathode and lowers cathode into tank for asbestos coating, using hoist. Observes vacuum gauge to determine number of dips or immersion time necessary to apply asbestos coating of specified thickness to cathode. Applies asbestos tape to secure cathode rim. Transfers coated cathode to drying area, using crane. Records number of cathodes coated, immersion and drying time, and quantity of materials used. May tin cathode bars, using tinning compound. May cut asbestos paper to size and cover screens and plates with new linings.