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Prepare, cook and present food for events and parties.

What does a Caterer do?

Catering to people’s needs takes a lot of creativity, especially when you’re dealing with frantic brides, picky guests, or cheap hosts. Luckily, the Caterer only has to worry about the food. Whether their customers want gluten-free desserts or Mardi Gras-themed appetizers, Caterers work with them to create the perfect menu for their event.

Similar to running a restaurant, as a Caterer you’ll need to manage a staff of Cooks and Servers, make sure the finances add up, and see that all safety requirements are met. You’ll obsess over details like the placement of food on the plates, the way the napkins are folded, and what the Servers say to the guests.

But running a catering business is different from running a restaurant in a few key ways. On the challenging side, it’s a moving operation, and each venue will have varying kitchen equipment, preparation space, and table layout. On the fun side, each event is an exciting new project that you can sink your teeth into.

Another huge part of being a Caterer is marketing your business. You’ll need to pick a specialty and an overall theme: do you want to promote your services as elegant, eclectic, eco-friendly? Whatever you choose, it will help you aim your efforts to advertise and network your way to new customers.

In the end, you get to be involved in the most important occasions of people’s lives. And can you even imagine a wedding reception or holiday party without the food?

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