Category Manager

Increase sales for a specific type of product.

What does a Category Manager do?

A Category Manager works in the marketing department of a company, usually within the retail field. The main goal of the Category Manager is to drive sales within their respective category. If you’re a creative thinker who loves coming up with innovative marketing plans to help set your division apart from the competition, this could be your ideal position.

Since category management is so broad, it’s great for individuals who have an interest in a specific retail category, whether it’s information technology, health and beauty aids, or furniture, among many other things. For example, if you have a passion for personal care products, but aren’t quite sure how to parlay your love of facial cleansers and cosmetics into an actual career path, a position as the Health and Beauty Aid Category Manager of a retail store will allow you to work in the field that interests you.

As a Category Manager, you’re responsible for staying abreast of the major news and trends within your specific category, keeping tabs on competitor products and pricing, and ensuring that your products are meeting customers’ needs. Additionally, you’re in charge of such duties as product design and development, packaging design, sales tools development, and product strategy.

If you’re someone with a competitive nature, and if you love the thought of being responsible for a specific product excelling and beating out competing products, you’ll enjoy working as a Category Manager.