Catalyst Recovery Operator

Tend filter presses and evaporators that recover and recondition catalysts.

What does a Catalyst Recovery Operator do?

Tends filter presses, evaporators, dissolvers, and precipitators that recover and recondition catalysts used in manufacturing styrene and edible oils: Starts pump and opens feed and discharge valves to transfer used catalyst from processing equipment into tank for reconditioning. Observes meters and gauges, and turns valves to maintain prescribed rate of flow, temperature, and pressure of compressed hydrogen, steam, and acid in filter or reconditioning tank. Weighs and adds specified amounts of neutralizer and filter aid. Pumps batch to filter press to change catalyst into cake form for recovery. Turns valves to regulate feed and temperature of filtrate in evaporating tank for recovery of remaining catalyst. Removes catalyst residue from tank and filter plates, using shovel and scraper.