Catalyst Concentration Operator

Control equipment to blend catalytic agents with isobutylene extract.

What does a Catalyst Concentration Operator do?

Controls equipment, such as dissolving and mixing drums, catalyst chillers, heat exchangers, filters, moisturizer, vacuum strippers, pumps, and auxiliary equipment to dissolve and blend catalytic agents with isobutylene extract, and mix additive chemicals used to slurry butyl polymers: Empties catalyst from drums into dissolving drum to maintain specified concentration. Turns valves and instrument control dials on units and control panel to maintain required temperatures, pressures, and flow rates. Starts pumps that blend catalyst and feed stock in specified proportions and circulate catalyst through moisturizer, chillers, filters, and vacuum strippers. Weighs solid chemicals in required batches. Starts mixing tanks to blend additive chemicals used to slurry butane polymers. Pumps additives to storage drums. Turns valves or lowers liter bottle into vessels to take samples for laboratory tests. Gauges storage tanks. Records meter and gauge readings, quantities of chemicals used, and other operating information.