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Catalog Copy Writer

Write product descriptions to help sell items in your company's catalog.

What does a Catalog Copy Writer do?

Businesses use catalogs as a key component of their marketing strategy. Whether they give them out at trade shows, mail them to customers, or hand them out at the front door, company catalogs are the encyclopedias of the products they offer. As a Catalog Copy Writer, you’re the creative soul that puts together the descriptions of every item in the catalog.

You know how those catchy product narratives make you desire items you’ve never even considered before? What is it that attracts you to the item? Personalization? Pulling at the heartstrings? Status? Sexiness?

Different products require different marketing techniques, but you already know that because you’re the Catalog Copy Writer—the expert who comes up with those “must-have” descriptions.

Of course, working as a Catalog Copy Writer requires more than an understanding of psychology, marketing, and advertising (what, that’s not enough?). It also taps into your creative writing and grammar skills. Sure, there’s spellchecker, but capturing the voice of automotive parts index is much different from enticing parents to buy yet another toy for their child.

Whether your writing skills are used for an online foodie blog, a Scientist ‘s laboratory tools magazine, or a Heavy Equipment Operator ‘s machinery brochure, the goal is to be clear, concise, and informative. In addition, your writing captures the tone, style, and image of the business. With your help, the customer finds what they’re looking for (or what they didn’t yet know they needed), and the company increases sales.