Cat Breeder

Mate award-winning show cats to breed another generation of purebreds.

What does a Cat Breeder do?

Cat Breeders mate cats of a variety of pedigrees to deliver batches of cuddly little kittens to be sold to families or cat show enthusiasts. Not every part of bringing kittens into the world is sunshine and butterflies, however (although a good portion involves incredibly cute fluffs of fur). A Cat Breeder’s research and preparation makes sure that the cat he or she breeds arrives happy and healthy.

If you’re a Cat Breeder, choosing what type of cats you want to start with is no easy task, but you’re familiar with the downfalls and benefits of each breed. Families looking to add a kitten to their lifestyle ask you all sorts of questions. They’ll want friendly cats, cats that smell nice, cats that can live outdoors, or cats that are hypoallergenic. On the other hand, those looking for a show cat will request a specific purebred with a silky mane and well-proportioned features.

Once your female cat gets pregnant after spending some time in heat with the male of your choice, you monitor her daily. The queen, as the females are called, needs you to provide a special diet of rich food as well as occasional trips to the vet. When birthing time comes, there’s a good chance you’ll get your hands dirty, and the miracle of life isn’t always a pretty sight. But you know that the true reward is just around the corner as soon as the new litter is cleaned up a bit.

The hardest part of the process might be when you have to sell your first litter to pet stores, families, or even fellow Breeders. It’s easy to get attached to your tiny cats. Luckily, if you’ve done your homework and chosen well, you’ll be able to send your kittens to good homes, maybe even keeping the cutest one for yourself.