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Casting Assistant



Help Casting Director by providing office support.

What does a Casting Assistant do?

A Casting Assistant is a multi-faceted helper in the casting process for a film, television show, or play. They are usually all over the place: Casting Assistants are the gophers at the office, grabbing coffee for their boss, other higher-ups, maybe even a star or two, and they also work as liaisons between the Actor and the people who want to hire them.

Tasks around the office for Casting Assistants might include making faxes, phone calls to stars’ Agent, and, if given enough responsibility, you could be the first person to say yes or no to an Actor. Organizational skills are a must, as you’ll be juggling a thousand headshots, each star’s individual availability and interest in the production, and probably someone’s cup of coffee.

This job only lasts as long as the pre-production lasts, maybe ten weeks, so you’ll have to work hard and also keep an eye out for your next gig. You can work freelance, or with a casting company, but either way you’ll be answering to the Casting Director, aka the person whose job you want.

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