Casting and Curing Operator

Control equipment to fill rocket motor cases with rocket fuel.

What does a Casting and Curing Operator do?

Controls equipment to fill rocket motor cases with rocket fuel and to cure rocket fuel: Attaches handling ring or sling to motor case, using handtools or portable power tools. Positions motor cases in casting rig, using hoist, and tightens holding clamp with wrench. Inserts mandrel inside motor case, using hoist, and tightens clamps on casting rig to hold it in position. Conveys and positions casting can over rig, using hoist, and connects hose to rig. Moves console controls to pump fuel from casting can to motor case. Observes level of fuel in case through closed-circuit television and moves controls to regulate volume of fuel charge. Stops pump and presses hydraulic control to move mandrel into final position in motor case. Lifts motor case onto overhead conveyor, using hoist, and starts conveyor to move motor case into curing oven. Observes recording-instrument charts on control panel of curing oven to verify specified temperatures and curing times.