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Casket Inspector

Examine assembled caskets to determine if they follow specifications.

What does a Casket Inspector do?

Examines assembled caskets visually and tactually to determine their conformance to specifications: Inspects casket lining for irregularities, such as faulty design, discoloration of material, unconcealed tacks, and bulges in padding. Opens and closes top panel to determine presence of obstructions. Blows out inside and outside of casket to remove dust, using compressed air gun. Inspects casket exterior for defects, such as torn covering, nicks, spots, incompleteness, misalignment, and imperfect finish. Keeps rejection records, noting such factors as number of units inspected, number of units rejected, and reason for rejection. Removes spots from lining and cover with solvent. Identifies types of defects and returns caskets to workers for correction. May touch up scratches, using felt tip pen, and steam wrinkles from casket lining, using portable steamer.