Casino Shift Manager

Supervise card dealers and casino staff during your specific shift.

What does a Casino Shift Manager do?

Casinos are filled with glitz, glamor, and action. Every time a Casino Shift Manager steps onto the floor, he or she is in charge of making sure that the dream machine keeps running smoothly. Having a reassuring, professional presence is job one. To be a successful Casino Shift Manager, you need to convey to everyone around you, guests and employees alike, that if there is a problem, you can handle it.

Armed with a sharp suit or blazer and a radio, you make the rounds throughout the entire casino. Shaking hands with the high rollers, smoothing out disputes, and making sure that all gambling regulations are being followed all fall under your purview. Your duties as Casino Shift Manager involve interacting with Pit Bosses, Security Officers, and employees of all levels to make sure that the professional team behind all the fun that the guests are having is doing everything that it’s supposed to.

You have a desk in an office somewhere in the casino, but most of your time is spent on the floor. Interpersonal skills are key, but you also need to be well organized and have an eye for detail, specifically when it comes to math. Casinos are all about money, and you need to know where all of it is going during your shift.

You also need to know how to keep schedules and duty rotations running smoothly, and avoid worker fatigue in the 24/7 world of professional gaming. You draw a normal salary, and have set shifts to show up for, but expect overtime and long duty when things get hectic. It’s all part of the game.