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Casino General Manager



Run a casino, ensuring it breaks no laws but still makes money.

What does a Casino General Manager do?

The Casino General Manager is the top brass at either a casino or a gaming resort. The number one responsibility of the Casino General Manager is balancing games with business.

You see, luck and skill aren’t the only factors that determine whether a casino patron wins or loses. It doesn’t matter what their game of choice is-blackjack, roulette, craps, or even just the penny slots-gambling isn’t just about odds. It’s also about judgment. Whose judgment, exactly? Usually, it’s the Casino General Manager’s.

As Casino General Manager, you must comply with tribal, state, and federal laws, which prohibit rigging games, but you nonetheless have the duty-and the legal leeway-to change games’ rules so that the house has an advantage. The goal is to create a system where enough customers win that they want to come back, but not so many that the casino is no longer profitable.

With that in mind, you’re tasked with supervising all casino operations as the casino’s top executive. That includes managing budgets, overseeing hiring, and enforcing policies and procedures. You also ensure legal compliance and handle customer service, including addressing customer complaints and taking care of high rollers.

Reporting to the casino’s CEO you’re a problem solver who presides over not only the casino, but also its associated shops, restaurants, and hotels. Whether it’s marketing, human resources, or finance, therefore, your job is to roll the dice and make sure the house wins.

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