Casino Floor Walker

Stroll the gambling floor to watch for cheaters, winners, or lost patrons.

What does a Casino Floor Walker do?

Casinos give people the opportunity to gamble it all and win big. They do this by playing a number of different card, slot, and table games. Casino Floor Walkers keep an eye on these games and the people playing them. A Casino Floor Walker is responsible for giving excellent customer service, handing out money after a win, and watching for cheating or other illegal activities.

Though Vegas might be the first thing that comes to mind, casinos can be found everywhere. As a Casino Floor Walker, you can choose to work in any state, or even on a cruise ship in international waters. Your job is to greet the people who come into the casino, and help them out with anything they need. You might explain how a game works, help them exchange money, or get a Waitress to bring them drinks.

You also give money payouts. You walk the casino floor and listen for the bells that go off when a player has won. When you hear these, you make your way to the game. And if the amount won is more than what the machines on the floor can give, you issue a payout. At the end of each shift, you count the money made from the games, and keep track of any winnings you paid out.

A big part of your job is security. Although there are Security Guards and cameras specifically for handling problems, you act as another set of eyes on the floor and report any fights or cheating that you see.