Casino Cage Supervisor

Handle thousands of dollars a day as you change out casino chips for cash.

What does a Casino Cage Supervisor do?

At the heart of the casino action is the money, and the Casino Cage Supervisor is responsible for that money. Located on the floor of the casino, the cage is where players turn in chips, change, and betting slips for money (think of it as the in-casino bank). Other financial transactions, such as cashing checks and opening credit accounts with the casino, are also handled in the cage.

The Casino Cage Supervisor is accountable for every penny that enters the cage. Whether a player is exchanging nickels from the slot machines or opening a million-dollar line of credit, you – the Casino Cage Supervisor – are responsible for accurate accounting. You must have an eye for detail and accuracy, as the casino’s management team is relying on your end-of-shift reports.

Your supervisory role also involves managing the casino cage personnel aside from the money. You’re responsible for staffing the casino cage, as well as hiring and firing employees as needed. Your self-confidence is crucial too, because you act as the Referee between cage personnel and players when disputes arise. The ability to work closely with the casino’s security staff is also important, as you help each other protect the assets of the casino in the cage and on the floor.