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Casing Machine Operator



Tend machines that apply flavoring or casing fluid to chewing tobacco.

What does a Casing Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that applies flavoring or casing fluid to chewing or smoking tobacco, by either of following methods: Starts machine, pours fluid into trough of machine. Forks or shovels tobacco into hopper or onto conveyor that carries tobacco through revolving drum immersed in fluid or under spraying device. Turns valves and starts pumps to transfer fluid from storage tank to spray tank and to spray fluid on tobacco passing under sprayer on conveyor or fed into revolving drum. Opens valve to admit steam to jacket of spray tank to heat fluid to specified temperature. May remove excess fluid from tobacco [WRINGER OPERATOR 522.685-106]. May tend grinders that grind menthol crystals and add menthol to casing fluid.

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