Cashiers Supervisor

Supervise the workers in receiving payment for merchandise or services.

What does a Cashiers Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving cash or credit-card payment for merchandise or services and keeping records of funds received in retail establishments or places of public accommodation: Performs cashiering and other clerical duties to relieve subordinates during peak work periods. Searches records to assist subordinates in locating and reconciling posting errors on customers’ invoices, such as hotel bills or sales tickets, or compares cash register totals with receipts in register to verify accuracy of transactions. Withdraws monies from bank and keeps custody of operating funds, or retains next day’s operating funds from daily receipts. Allocates operating funds to cashiering stations. Totals and summarizes funds received, endorses checks, and prepares bank deposit slip. Performs duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.