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Cash Application Clerk



Gather payments from customers and prepare cash reports and records.

What does a Cash Application Clerk do?

Cash Application Clerks are in charge of the records of all monetary transactions between their company and its customers. To be a Cash Application Clerk, you need to naturally good with both numbers and people, delicately balancing the number-crunching skills of a math whiz with the easygoing nature of someone who works with the public.

One of your big responsibilities as a Cash Application Clerk is to gather payments from customers for the products or services they have bought from your company, which means you may have to play the role of Bill Collector on occasion. This might not sound like a lot of fun, but it’s necessary. It also calls for skills in data entry and computer operations. Once you get that payment, you have to make sure it clears on your end and is credited to the correct account, for the correct amount.

You prepare all of the cash reports and records, which you hand in to Supervisors. Handling money is a weighty responsibility so you’re a stickler for the rules and guidelines of your company, making sure payments are made on time and transactions are conducted by the book. You’re also a part of a team, so you’re always ready to help out coworkers when they encounter a difficult situation or a particularly problematic customer. You stay abreast of what’s going on in the data entry market too, staying on top of the options for record keeping, and continually improving the system you have in place.

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