Case Manager

Oversee the case management process and help individuals access social services to improve their well-being.

What does a Case Manager do?

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it also takes a village to help find a job, buy a house, or locate the proper medical care. Today’s “village” is made up of government programs, businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations. As a Case Manager, you make the connection between these resources and the people who need them.

Case Managers work in a variety of locales. You might work in immigration, helping to smooth the immigration process, or manage cases in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Many Case Managers work in the health industry, connecting disabled, mentally ill, or chronically ill patients with Doctors, Therapists, and financial aid.

You might also work as a Vocational Case Manager, helping people find training, schools, and financial aid for career changes. Or you might specialize in one group of people, such as those with disabilities, children, or seniors.

Your first order of business as a Case Manager is to evaluate the needs of the client. Do they need mental health or alcohol treatment? Medical care? A job? Perhaps they need housing, hospice care, or medical insurance.

Mostly, what they need is a plan, and you provide it. You help them complete applications and set up appointments. With a plan and some optimism, you send them out the door, but follow up on a regular basis to provide further assistance where you can.