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Case Fitter

Fit doors, trays, and drawers into unfinished wooden furniture.

What does a Case Fitter do?

Fits doors, trays, and drawers into unfinished wooden furniture: Trims and shapes edges of uneven or misshaped parts, using chisel, file, sandpaper, and hand plane, or by drawing edges over jointer blade. Pushes thumbtacks into drawer slides to level drawers and to facilitate sliding. Fits prehinged doors to cases and marks and drills holes for insertion of screws, using portable power drill. Attaches doors to cases or sets them aside for painting. Slides drawers in and out to test fit of drawers, and tests doors for ease of opening and closing. May repair, replace, or lubricate defective hardware, using handtools and portable power tools. May be designated according to part fitted as Door Fitter; Drawer Fitter.