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Case Finisher

Assemble and finish suitcases and radio, jewelry, and instrument cases.

What does a Case Finisher do?

Assembles and finishes suitcases and radio, jewelry, and instrument cases, and lines or covers them with material, such as leather, velvet, or satin, performing any combination of following tasks: Inserts hinge wings into slots in top and bottom sections of case and secures them in grooves, using pinch pliers, or rivets, nails, or screws hinges in position. Opens case and verifies lid angle, using table gauge. Cuts specified material to size, using pattern and shears, or obtains precut fabric. Brushes glue on area to be covered. Positions material on inner or outer surfaces of case and smooths out wrinkles, using fingers. Trims excess fabric from joints, seams, and edges, using knife. Glues or nails bracing blocks to case and covers blocks with material. Presses cushion or pad into upper and lower sections of case. Examines case for misalignment of edges, and opens and closes lid to test action of hinges and spring. Holds case over air nozzle and presses pedal to remove dust and lint. Packs cases in shipping cartons. May crimp lids to case or crimp bottoms to case frame, using pneumatic-powered crimper. May repair or replace hinges, linings, and springs and be designated Case Repairer.