Case Aide

Perform community contact works on simpler aspects of programs or cases.

What does a Case Aide do?

Performs community contact work on simpler aspects of programs or cases and assists in providing services to clients and family members, under close and regular supervision and tutorage of CASEWORKER 195.107-010 or CASEWORK SUPERVISOR 195.137-010. Assists in locating housing for displaced individuals and families. Monitors free, supplementary meal program administered by agencies for children and youth from low-income families to ensure cleanliness of facility and that eligibility guidelines are met for persons receiving meals. Assists elderly clients in preparation of forms, such as tax and rent refund forms. Accompanies elderly clients on visits to social, charitable, and government agencies to assist clients with their problems. Submits to and reviews reports and problems with superior. May be designated according to clients serviced as Senior Service Aide; Youth Nutritional Monitor.