Carton Packaging Machine Operator

Tend machines that pack and seal packaged tobacco products into cartons.

What does a Carton Packaging Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that packs and seals packaged tobacco products into cartons: Examines packaged products on conveyor to detect defects, such as defective folds or seams in wrappers or tear tape, offcentered stamps, or dents in cans. Removes defective packages and notifies CIGARETTE-PACKING-MACHINE OPERATOR or TOBACCO-PACKING-MACHINE OPERATOR. Observes flow of cartons into machine and removes defective cartons. Notifies MACHINE ADJUSTER of machine malfunction. May form and place cartons on machine. May turn setscrews to set carton-holding guides to accommodate cartons of various sizes. May be known according to product packaged as Cigarette-Boxing-Machine Operator. Workers who package product by hand are classified under PACKER.